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Macromolecular Structure and Function

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Technical and Copyright Information

The implementation of this site was mostly the work of Andreas Förster but is now maintained by James MacDonald .  It involved the writing of php and html code (using improved vi, the one to rule them all in the world of text editors), the modification of the official Imperial College style sheet to make it a bit more pleasing to the eye, the taking and processing of photographs (with a Nikon D40, Apple iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop), and the generation of general content.

Additional coding involved the adaptation of the script that obfuscates the email addresses to make them invisible to spambots (originally downloaded from Bronze-Age), the twitter feed (adapted from Kerison Leigh's script) and the link markup in the twitter feed (based on a script by Herself).  The scripts that drive the slide show on the homepage come from Dynamic Drive.

Most content of the research pages was contributed by those working on the projectes described, though some of the text was taken from the previous incarnation of this site.  What's in individual members' pages was contributed by those members.

All coding and testing was done on a MacBook Pro.  This website assiduously complies with the standards for XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1.

More detailed information, useful for the person that will at some point take over maintaining this site, can be found on the lab wiki.