Macromolecular Structure and Function

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Welcome to the Zhang/Freemont/Wigley Labs

We are a multidisciplinary laboratory interested in understanding how the three-dimensional structure of proteins relates to their function.  Using a variety of techniques, we work on determining the structures of proteins and multi-protein complexes to near-atomic detail.  We also employ a wide variety of biochemical techniques to enable collection and analysis of functional data.  The use of complementary techniques enables us to build detailed models that explain the structure/function relationships that exist in our target proteins.

The laboratory unites the groups of Prof. Xiaodong Zhang, Prof. Paul S Freemont and Prof. Dale Wigley.  We are part of the Section of Structural Biology within the Department of Medicine at Imperial College. We are also associated with the Centre for Structural Biology.

Prof. Paul Freemont maintains an active synthetic biology research group with a focus on cell-free systems. He is co-director of the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation and SynbiCITE.

Please visit our structural biology and synthetic biology research pages to learn more about our work.